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  1. 1979-01-01 138 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. 1999-03-19 Horn flies have been controlled with insecticides in the U.S. since the early 1950s. An alternative, mechanical means of control (horn fly trap) was developed prior to World War II, but this never made its way into mainstream agriculture because of the growing use of pesticides following the war....
  3. This booklet was provided by Christian Veterinary Missions to provide basic information concerning beef cattle for missionaries, small farmers, and agricultural workers. Topics discussed are Facilities and Handling, Nutrition, Management, DIseases and Poisonings.
  4. The observational trial described herein was initiated on January 9, 1974 on a Pangola pasture established over 8 years previously.
  5. This book is a summary of our experiences working with animal health and husbandry problems in Tonga. It is also an attempt to make information that is available in other parts of the world relevant to Tongan animal husbandry methods, in the Tongan environment and culture, and in English simple...
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