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  1. 2003-01-01 This book discusses conservation and cooperation, dehydration, extraction of herbal material, dehydration apparatus, the home based herbal business, skin care lotions and medicinal balms, and extraction apparatus of herbs in Africa.
  2. 2002-01-01 This book 2 examines the role of the development organization in supporting farm families who cope with the economic and environmental realities of rural economic growth. 104 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 1983-01-01 This manual for gardeners and small farmers covers the fundamentals of seed growing of common garden vegetables. 2 copies
  4. This book is meant for farmers and other practical people with the ability to quickly analyze, adapt and implement new ideas. This is mainly an idea book, meant to make you question the established way of doing things and start thinking on your own.
  5. 1980-01-01 Bio-intensive farming is presented as a solution to many of our land's problems.
  6. 1972-01-01 The Home Vegetable Garden: A Handbookprovides infomation on the reasoning and process of strating a personal vegetable garden. This book includes information including a home garden harvest, sucession plantings, a small garden plan, garden tool and equipment, and much more.
  7. 1971-01-01 This publication looks at assessing production capability, assessing compatability with the existing farming system, and implications for future FSR&D work with vegetables. 34 pages, illustrated, photos Technical Bulletin no. 16 2 copies
  8. 1995-01-19 This workbook discusses the structure of plants, composition ofsoil, planting, fertilzing and crop management. 39 pages 2 copies
  9. 2016-01-01 The purpose of this document is to articulate the World Vegetable Center's approach to household gardening based on experience and published evidence of what works. 34 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. 2017-10-05 Home garden interventions are one of few agricultural interventions with a proven effect on nutritional outcomes and potentially contribute to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Despite a recent surge in interest, there remains a lack of knowledge about the most effective ways to...