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  1. This booklet reports on the work of United Mission to Nepal. They have been involved in the generation and distribution of electiricy and have taken this opportunity to investigate alternative approached to rural electrification. This study summarizes some of these experiences.
  2. This paper first introduces the major characteristics of mountain areas and their operational implications. These characteristics called mountain specificities here, include inaccessibility, fragility, marginality, diversity, niche, and people's adaptation mechanisms in these habitats. The...
  3. The Fall Armyworm is an insect that can damage your maize plants or even cause you to lose your whole maize crop. The best way to protect your maize crop is to scout early and treat early. In this animation, we will explain how to scout for the fall armyworm, so you can take action to protect...
  4. 2017-05-22
  5. 2017-05-22 Natural farming is a system that is integrated, holistic, sustainable, small-scale and organic. This presentation encourages Nepal's producers to realize the potential in pursing natural farming practices over subsistence farming.
  6. 2017-05-22 This presentation discusses climate change, including impacts specific to agriculture in Nepal, and approaches to mediate its effects.