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  1. This book covers food and nutrition, Clothing and textiles, and home management. It is intended to provide a general education for all students.
  2. This publication is intended to provide a general and basic education in Home Economics for all pupils in the Junior Secondary School.
  3. 1981-01-01 This handbook is a guide for the village level worker. It can also serve as a teaching aid and text to teachers of village level workers. It is intended for use by personnel in home economics extensions, community development, home economics clasroom teaching, health education, and other programs...
  4. This Reader's Digest "BACK TO BASICS" handy book is a how-to, user-friendly guide that teaches self-sufficiency covering all of life's essentials: shelter; alternative energy sources; growing and preserving food; home crafts; directions for making herbal remedies; and even home-grown...
  5. Recipes for grains, vegetables, sweets, dairy products, poultry and meat dishes, and condiments are combined with advice in food preservation, gardening, beekeeping, raising livestock, soap making, and other farm and household activities.
  6. This is a book for people who know something is wrong with the way North Americans live and are ready to talk about change. This is a book about rediscovering what is good and true. This is a book about beauty, healing, and hope, a book about getting more, nor less.
  7. The emphasis of the booklet is to encourage self-help efforts, and to empower individiuals to make wise decision, in addressing their food and nutrition problems.
  8. 1991-01-01 Substitutes, Shortcuts, and Ingenious solutions for making life easier.
  9. 1988-01-01 The Village Technology Handbook has been an important tool for development workers and do-it-yourselfers for years. First published in 1963 under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Handbook has gone through eight major printings. Versions in French and Spanish, as...