1. Recipes for grains, vegetables, sweets, dairy products, poultry and meat dishes, and condiments are combined with advice in food preservation, gardening, beekeeping, raising livestock, soap making, and other farm and household activities.
  2. This is a book for people who know something is wrong with the way North Americans live and are ready to talk about change. This is a book about rediscovering what is good and true. This is a book about beauty, healing, and hope, a book about getting more, nor less.
  3. The emphasis of the booklet is to encourage self-help efforts, and to empower individiuals to make wise decision, in addressing their food and nutrition problems.
  4. 1991-01-01 Substitutes, Shortcuts, and Ingenious solutions for making life easier.
  5. 1988-01-01 This book, by the Volunteers in Technical Assistance, is a how-to book on village technology. It contains photos, diagrams and directions on how to make various technologies for water, health, agriculture, food processing and construction. 422 pages, illustrated 2 copies