1. Rice bean is a slender, bush or vining, nitrogen-fixing, short-lived perennial plant that is grown as an annual, and often intercropped with rice. The green pods and seeds, as well as the dry beans are used for human consumption. The plant is also useful as livestock fodder, green manure, or...
  2. Peanut is an annual, nitrogen-fixing, low-growing plant that produces seeds contained in underground pods. The seeds (peanuts) are used extensively for human consumption and oil is pressed from the nut for human consumption and industrial uses.
  3. Hairy vetch is a temperate, annual, nitrogen-fixing, vining plant that can be up to 70 cm in height. It is used for pasture, hay, silage, green manure or cover crop, and is tolerant of acid soil.
  4. Common stylo is a vigorous, nitrogen-fixing, perennial shrub, growing up to 1.2 m in height, that is often used in grass/legume pasture mixes. It is adapted to poor, acid soils, provides good forage into the dry season, and can be used as a green manure or cover crop.
  5. White clover is a low, spreading, nitrogen-fixing perennial, that provides nutritious forage and is usually grown in grass/legume pasture systems. It can also be used as a green manure or cover crop.
  6. Crimson clover is a temperate, annual, nitrogen-fixing plant that can grow to 1 m in height. This clover is grown for seed, hay, silage, pasture for most livestock, and soil improvement. It is widely grown as a winter crop to be tilled under in the spring.
  7. Caribbean stylo is a tropical, nitrogen-fixing, short-lived perennial, semi-erect or prostrate herbaceous plant, that can withstand grazing and is tolerant of poor soils. It is usually grown in native or established permanent pastures and provides nutritious forage for livestock.
  8. Glycine is a perennial, vining, nitrogen-fixing, green manure or cover crop that may be grown to suppress weed growth, improve the soil nitrogen supply, and slow soil erosion. It is also a forage crop that can be grown in pure stands for hay or in a mixed pasture system.
  9. Alfalfa is a low-growing, nitrogen-fixing perennial, with a strong taproot. Many varieties of alfalfa have been developed for excellent hay and forage. It has long been one of the most important forage species for livestock production.
  10. Forage Peanut is a prostate, nitrogen-fixing, perennial plant, used mostly as a cover crop for erosion, weed, and fire control. It is favored for these purposes in tree plantations, as it will tolerate some shade. It also makes for good cattle and poultry grazing if a 30-day rest period is...