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  1. 2005-01-20 Report on experience using Tithonia diversifolia as a termite repellent for protecting fruit trees in Central African Republic.
  2. 2005-07-20 Black Sapote is eaten fresh after the fruit has ripened and softened and the inside has turned into a dark brown chocolate color.
  3. 2004-10-20 Carambola is an excellent fruit to grow in the tropics because it has prolific fruit production, high nutrition, almost continuous fruiting, wide appeal and is very adaptable to different soils and locations.
  4. 2006-07-20 Jackfruit has long been valued and cultivated in tropical Asia. Thought to originate in the rainforests of India, jackfruit has remained relatively unknown throughout the rest of the tropics.
  5. 2007-01-20 Hand pollination of atemoya flowers is a simple procedure based on the interesting fact that the female and male parts (Figure 1) of each flower mature at different times.
  6. 1992-07-19 A novel idea has been to grow some fruit trees, like bananas and coconuts, in circles about 3 meters in diameter.
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  9. 1990 videos with Dr. Carl Campbell ECHO Tropical Fruits Video Series - Introduction To Tropical Fruit (Part 1 of 6) ECHO Tropical Fruits Video Series -Grafting Tropical Fruit Trees & Avocados (Part 2 of 6) ECHO Tropical Fruits Video Series - (Part 3 of 6) Guava, Pineapple, Macadamia,Mamey...