1. 1961-06-01 In this study by FAO of the UN an attempt has been made to provide a world-wide review of some aspects of the production, control and distribution of seeds.
  2. 1976-09-01 Amazon.com Description This book is divided into 2 parts. Part I, by R.J. Garner, deals with the establishment and equipment of the nursery, the pots and other containers, the various methods of propagation and with the transplanting of the young plants. This part is well illustrated. Part II is...
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    1994-07-19 A technique for removing salts from planting containers.
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    1995-03-19 Coconut coir can be used in place of peat for nursery mixes. Coir is the fibrous part of the coconut husk. Tests in Australia and Europe show that this product makes a remarkably adequate substitute for peat.
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    1999-12-19 A practical way to increase the number of banana suckers.
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    2008-10-20 The solution to production gluts is to extend the season (i.e. have a harvestable product a bit earlier or later than most farmers) or to grow totally out of the normal season. Most crops are not easy to grow out of season. However, pineapple flowering is easily induced at any time of the year...
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    2005-10-01 Vegetative propagation of Kale and Collared Greens.
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    2008-04-20 The technique described in this article is very practical and applicable in certain situations. For example, it is becoming very useful for us here in Gamboula, Central African Republic (CAR), to produce planting material to distribute to our agroforestry cooperatives. It would also be helpful as...
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  10. 2017-08-15 This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 32. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) contain high-quality food properties and are very good protein and energy sources on a daily per hectare basis of production (Frusciante et al. 2000). Potatoes are grown mostly in cool climate areas. In the tropics, they...