1. Published by the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist English Church of Rangoon Burma, this cookbook in English includes recipes of traditional Burmess cooking and English based cooking.
  2. Herbs - How to grow them: Harvest and preserve them: Uses and recipes for them.
  3. Recipes from around the world using favorite ingredients of the particular area.
  4. Although this cookbook is from a Fort Myers realtor, it contains many great tropical fruit and vegetable recipes. .
  5. Recipes from Hawaii using tropical fruits and vegetables.
  6. Recipes from Hawaii with the island flavor.
  7. Hawaiian recipes
  8. Cookbook contains favorite Hawaiian recipes
  9. Recipes for tropical fruit varieties including catcus, barbados cherry, black sapote, figs, jaboticaba, guava, and mango.
  10. For a delicious end to 2018, Food Tank is highlighting 18 cookbooks that embrace a diverse global food industry. The list features chefs of color and authors that identify as LGBTQ+ working to feed a food revolution that breaks the barriers of race, gender, and sexuality. These books examine...