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  1. Descriptive text and color illustrations for common species likely to be encountered, along with those that are locally abundanet or might attract attention because of some unusual characteristic. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. 272 pages, pictures
  2. 1955-01-01 This is a publication based on the Caribbean Gardens that were established in Naples. It has photos and descriptions of plants in the gardens. 54 pages, photos
  3. 1960-01-01 This book contains pictures of the flowers arranged alphabetically in the first part of the book then flowering trees in the second half. All pictures are accompanied with plant names and descriptions. 64 pages, photos
  4. Folk tales from India were first introduced into the Caribbean by Indian indentured labourers who, between 1838 and 1917, were brought to work on the sugar plantations. Written in a simple style, with warmth and humour, the folk tales presented in this collection are lively and fresh, appealing...
  5. This is a book for travelers and armchair travelers and for all who would understand the world in which we live.
  6. The author's collection of words and photographs portrays many facets of life in the islands as well as the mainland countries of the Caribbean.
  7. This technical guide is a comprehensive summary of forest nursery practices for the Caribbean, tropical Latin America, and, to a lesser degree, other tropical areas in the world. Included are actual and the authors' recommended practices, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages wherever...
  8. By following the directions and suggestions given in the publication, any beginning gardener can produce a wide variety of delicious and nutritious vegetable crops adapted to tropical conditions.
  9. 1983-01-01 The information which is presented here covers a wide range of subjects in the rearing,feeding, breeding and caring of cattle, small stock and horses. The style which has been adopted makes the book relevant as a guide to livestock farmers, as a text for professionals, teachers and students.
  10. 1988-01-01 Written for the general public, this is a practical guide to the most-noticed trees, shrubs, vines, and flowers of the American tropics --an immense amount of useful and interesting information in an easy-to-carry form. The 748 photographic illustrations show the general appearance of each...