At the center of our work is ECHO Development Notes (EDN), which we send quarterly to thousands of people in over 160 countries in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). In EDN we share the most helpful, practical information that we come across about growing food under difficult circumstances. 

Within each issue you'll find featured techniques, practices, information and experience to help guide your work in tropical and subtropical agricultural development. Also in EDN are "Echoes from Our Network," "From ECHO's Seed Bank," and more. Issues #1-51 were compiled in the 1990s into the Amaranth to Zai Holes book, which  or you may read it online here. Also, Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers, expanded on the foundation from Amaranth to Zai Holes by covering EDN 52 through 100, with articles from outside contributors. Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers is available for purchase from the ECHO Bookstore and Amazon.

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EDN Issue #97 - 2007-10-20

“Cafeteria Feeding” of Chickens

Winged Bean Revisited

How Will Using Agricultural Land for Biofuels Affect Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries?

Deep Pipe Irrigation: an inexpensive and efficient method to irrigate crops and trees

Pot Drip System for Tree Irrigation

New Advances in Rope Washer Pumps

Controlling Weeds in Tree Plantings

EDN Issue #96 - 2007-07-20

A Fresh Look at Life below the Surface

Branching and podding characteristics of ‘PKM-2’ Moringa oleifera 

EDN Issue #95 - 2007-04-20

Hope against Malaria

Insights from a Simple Sorghum Trial in Haiti 

Energy Needs for HIV-infected Persons


EDN Issue #94 - 2007-01-20

A Market for Used Motor Oil

Atemoya: Hand Pollination to Increase Fruit Set

Saving Your Own Vegetable Seeds

More on Maize in Africa

Lagos Spinach

EDN Issue #93 - 2006-10-20

Banana Wilt Disease in East Africa

Common Mistakes in Agricultural Development and a Key to Success

Used Motor Oil

A Non-chemical Method of Rat Control for Rice Fields

Seed Yields Decline at Higher Average Temperatures

The World's Wheat Crop Under Threat from New Disease

Maize in Semi-arid Areas

Green Gram or Mung Bean (Vigna radiata)

EDN Issue #92 - 2006-07-20

More about Grain Amaranth

Soybeans in the Tropics

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) “The World’s Largest Fruit”

Soy Promotion by Plenty International

Mucuna Trichomes as a Dewormer for Goats

EDN Issue #91 - 2006-04-20

Grain Amaranth

Thoughts on the Green Famine - ECHOES from our Network

EDN Issue #90 - 2006-01-20

Burning Neem Oil for Malaria Control

Moringa for Emergency Water Treatment 

Exceptional Impact of a Novel Approach to Reforestation in Sub- Saharan Africa—an Update

Solar Disinfection of Water (SODIS): A case study from Kenya

EDN Issue #89 - 2005-10-01

Traditional Techniques to Improve Plant Performance

Understanding Why/When Cassava Can Cause the Disease Konzo

Treatment to Reduce Cyanide Content of Cassava Flour

Where There is No Refrigeration

Vegetative and Agronomic Technologies for Land Husbandry

African Friends and Money Matters

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench): An Easy-to-Grow Multipurpose Plant

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

EDN Issue #88 - 2005-07-20

Hybrid Maize Revisited

Low Fertility Soil and Traditional Varieties

Aflatoxin in Peanut Butter

Feedback on Cooking Stoves Article (EDN 85)

Gray Water and Crop Irrigation

What about Hippos?

The Chocolate Pudding Tree: Diospyros digyna (Black Sapote, Black Persimmon, Zapote Negro)