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At the center of our work is ECHO Development Notes (EDN), which we send quarterly to thousands of people in over 160 countries in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). In EDN we share the most helpful, practical information that we come across about growing food under difficult circumstances. 

Within each issue you'll find featured techniques, practices, information and experience to help guide your work in tropical and subtropical agricultural development. Also in EDN are "Echoes from Our Network," "From ECHO's Seed Bank," and more. Issues #1-51 were compiled in the 1990s into the Amaranth to Zai Holes book, which  or you may read it online here. Also, Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers, expanded on the foundation from Amaranth to Zai Holes by covering EDN 52 through 100, with articles from outside contributors. Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers is available for purchase from the ECHO Bookstore and Amazon.

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EDN Issue #88 - 2005-07-20

Hybrid Maize Revisited

Low Fertility Soil and Traditional Varieties

Aflatoxin in Peanut Butter

Feedback on Cooking Stoves Article (EDN 85)

Gray Water and Crop Irrigation

What about Hippos?

The Chocolate Pudding Tree: Diospyros digyna (Black Sapote, Black Persimmon, Zapote Negro)

EDN Issue #87 - 2005-04-20

Experience with chaya, moringa and katuk in Indonesia

Making Friends with Dark Green Leafy Vegetables of the Mustard Family

EDN Issue #86 - 2005-01-20

Loquat: A Fruit Tree Adaptable to Many Locations

Extending the Life of your Seeds

Tithonia and Lantana–An update

Tithonia diversifolia as a termite repellent for protecting fruit trees in Central African Republic

Traditional Plant Varieties and Low Fertility Soil

EDN Issue #85 - 2004-10-20

Results of a Moringa Taste Test

Carambola—A Five Star Fruit

Indoor Air Pollution from Cooking Fire Smoke

Black Sigatoka, Water Purification

EDN Issue #84 - 2004-07-01

Vegetable Gardens in Kiffa

Bottle-cap Fertilizer

Pick Those Podborers

Alley Cropping Revisited

Book Review: Producing Food Without Pesticides

Book Review: Sustainable Food Production

A Lesson in Agroforestry

EDN Issue #83 - 2004-04-20

How Can NGOs Make Full Use of the CGIAR Network of Agricultural Research Centers?

Filtering Water with Old Clothes to Prevent Cholera 

Smoked Rice Hull and Pottery

Rice Bean -Vigna umbellata: Another amazing green manure/cover crop

On-Farm Seed Priming

Terra Preta: the Secret of Rich, Dark Soil in the Amazon

Plant Communication


EDN Issue #82 - 2004-01-20

Alley Cropping: a System to Sustain Soil Productivity

Increased Yields, Less Disease

Management Can Be Learned

The Malian Peanut/Groundnut Sheller

A System to Sustain Soil Productivity 

Dolichos lablab: A Legume that Feeds People, Animals and the Soil

A Caution about Eating Excessive Amounts of Moringa stenopetala: Eat Like the Deer

EDN Issue #81 - 2003-10-20

Towards More Fruitful Agricultural Experimentation

How to Carry Out an Agricultural Experiment

Seven-Year Lima Bean

EDN Issue #80 - 2003-07-20

Leaf Protein Concentrate from Chaya Leaves?

Additional Uses for Boric Acid

Borates for the Control of Termites

Especially for Sub-Saharan Africa: Mother and Baby Maize Variety Trials

Update on Papaya Leaf Tea

Strawberry Tree

EDN Issue #79 - 2003-04-20

After 10 Years In Haiti Have I Done Any Good?