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  1. Cassava can be grown almost anywhere in the tropics, but is very frost-sensitive. Cassava can survive in dry conditions for a very long period of time and still go on to produce a good crop. It can be an extremely heavy yielder.
  2. Edible Portion: Root, Leaves, Flowers, Vegetable A plant which can re-grow year after year from the thickened roots. It has several stems. The stems are woody and have some branches. Plants grow up to 2 or 3 metres high. Stalks have distinct scars where leaves have fallen. The leaves tend to be...
  3. Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL This is Part Two of how HEART Village uses and grows Cassava! Emily Jamison demonstrates how to prepare this crop and shares some of her favorite recipe ideas! There are actually several effective (& delicious) ways to prep and cook Cassava!
  4. Access Agriculture Training Video Cassava should have a clean, fresh scent and a pure white center when cut open. Fresh roots also have a pleasant taste.When using bitter cassava, ferment the peeled roots for 3 days to leach out the poison cyanide, Then wash the roots. Available Langues: English,...

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