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Edible Portion: Leaves, Fruit, Herb, Spice, Vegetable, Flowers

A shrub 1-2 m high. It can grow 4-10 m high. It loses its leaves during the year. The trunk is slender and flexible. The leaves have stalks. The leaves have leaflets along the stalk. These are alternate and have stalks. There are 11-15 or more leaflets. The leaves are unequal in shape. They have glands dotted on them. The leaves can be 3-7 cm long by 1-2 cm wide. The leaves are shiny and bright green on top and dull and paler underneath. They eventually turn yellow and fall. In the tropics leaves can be available all year. The flowers have stalks. They are white. They occur in loose flower clusters. These are at the ends of branches. The fruit are oval and bluish-black.