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  1. 1999-01-01 The cashew, Anacardium occidentale, is a resilient and fast-growing evergreen tree that can grow to a height of 20 m (60 ft). It belongs to the family Anacardiaceae, which also contains poison ivy and the mango. Native to arid northeastern Brazil, the cashew was taken around the world by the...
  2. Edible Portion: Nuts, Leaves, Fruit pulp, Flavouring, Seeds, Oil A spreading evergreen tree up to 7-14 m tall. It has spreading branches. The canopy can spread 12 m. The roots grow deeply and spread widely. The bark is rough. The trunk is 15-20 cm across. The leaves are alternate. The leaves are...
  3. 2000-03-20 Wherever climatic conditions lead to mildew on mango, it is likely to occur on cashew as well.
  4. Access Agriculture Training Video Cashew trees are mainly grown for their nuts and apples. In a well maintained cashew orchards and associated with annual crops, the trees produce more and yield nuts of good quality. Available languages Bambara Bariba English Ewe French Kabyé Kannada Portuguese...
  5. Access Agriculture Training Video People enjoy cashew nuts, whereas cashew apples are less valued. Leaving cashew apples on the land is an enormous loss of money. However, cashew apples can be processed into a nutritious juice which can be consumed throughout the year. Available languages...
  6. 2016-04-12 Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is one of thetropical crops receiving world attention majorlybecause of its nuts 2.6 million tonnes of cashew nuts produced in 2013(Cashew Handbook, 2014) The cashew apple is 8-10 times by weight of thecashew-nut (Lyannaz,1995)
  7. 1998-12-19 Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) may be known as a poor man’s crop, but this is probably because it grows well on sandy soils of poor fertility. In Mozambique and Tanzania, cashew occupies lowland areas close to the coast with a rainfall between 900-1300 mm (35.5-52 in) per year.
  8. 1992-06-19 A method for using the fruit ("apple") to which the cashew nut is attached.

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