1. 1991-01-01 [ Insects in your Garden] 115 pp : ill.
  2. 2022-11-16 Session :In this session we'll begin with an indoor presentation talking through the basics of entomology and insect behavior as it relates to managing insect pests in settings ranging from a home garden to a larger farm. Following that we'll explore ways that we can control insects using a...
  3. 2012-03-20 Insect conservation Agrobiodiversity@knowledged Managing for higher yields Insect conservation in the UK Insects, farmers and farm management Mulch, a home for insects All you need to know about bees Zambia: abuzz with bees A farmer-driven program to reinforce advocacy capacity
  4. 1983-01-01 Agricultural systems in the tropics will undergo major changes in the next several decades. In order to meet the increasing need for food and fibres farming will need to be intensified. This growth will ineveitably lead to increased pest problems. This book has information on control principles,...
  5. 1991-05-01 Compilation of University of Florida fact sheets, illustrated, photos
  6. 1998-01-01 This booklet discussed insect study, collection, identification, and preservation. 43 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 1992-11-01 Compilation of University of Florida insect fact sheets, illustrated, photos
  8. One volume, various sections and page numbers, illustrated
  9. 1991-01-01 Various identifation sheets, no page numbers, illustrated, photos
  10. 1984-01-01 This text is directed toward the study of living insects as integral members of the biosphere and as objects of much fascinating research. It is designed for students who have had a sound course in basic biology and who seek further demonstration of biological principles, as well as for students...