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Promoting Youth in Agriculture in Burkina Faso 2017-10-11

Promoting Youth in Agriculture in Burkina Faso

Youth unemployment and rural-to-urban migration are big problems in Burkina Faso, as in many other countries. The Laarlé Naba Tigré, a king in the Mossi tribe, is doing something about it. He is demonstrating how agriculture can be a viable future for Burkina youth on his 200-hectare ranch in Dapelgo. The Laarlé Naba Tigré has planted 37,000 moringa trees and built a moringa processing facility, is growing jatropha for biofuels, is raising 11,000 chickens for eggs and meat, as well as improving yields of cotton, maize, millet, and sorghum.

The Laarlé Naba Tigré has sought out ECHO West Africa’s help in learning about liquid fertilizer and compost techniques developed through Foundations for Farming programs. By improving soil fertility, developing alternative crops, and creating marketing opportunities, he is showing the profitability potential of traditional and new crops.

ECHO West Africa’s director, Robert Sanou, was invited to an event at the Laarlé Naba Tigré’s farm that included numerous ambassadors from countries like France, Belgium, China, and Canada, as well as other diplomatic representatives from the EU, FAO, and UNDP. The Laarlé Naba Tigré personally accompanied his guests around the farm and publically praised ECHO before inviting Robert and Alain to provide a quick overview on composting and how to make liquid fertilizer. This provided a unique platform resulting in numerous inquiries and interactions, including the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Laarlé Naba Tigré helped promote ECHO West Africa’s Forum in Ouagadougou during September 27-30, 2016, by sitting in as the official sponsor of the forum. His speech, which opened the forum, was well received by the 102 participants and brought significant visibility to ECHO when it was broadcast on local television. ECHO looks forward to future partnering opportunities to speak hope into the lives of Burkina’s farmers and youth. 


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Upcoming events

Field School on Seed Saving
Fri, 27 October 2017 » Sun, 29 October 2017

Centro Agroecológico Biointensivo Guanacastillo and CEN Catarina, Nicaragua

  Presenters will include UNA professors and members of the Guardianes de la Semilla seed network. Subjects include: production, drying and storage techniques for seed banks from the Echo Community literature and planning a family garden. The field school will include access to seed from several national seed banks.                

Strong Harvest Moringa Peer Educator Training Seminars
Fri, 3 November 2017 » Tue, 7 November 2017

ECHO East Africa Impact Center, Tanzania

Many Tanzanian families lack a secure source of nutritious food, do not have access to clean water, and have few streams of family income. The moringa tree provides an easily-implemented, family-level solution that addresses all three of these issues. Our 2-day training seminar will cover the following topics: Community Assessment - identifying assets and challenges Nutrition - basic nutrtion and nutritional properties of moringa (why moringa matters) Moringa cultivation, care, and ...

ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2017
Tue, 14 November 2017 » Thu, 16 November 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel , United States

Download ECHO's International Agriculture Conference's schedule here This year marks the 24th Anniversary of the ECHO International Agriculture Conference held in Fort Myers, FL!  We hope that you will make plans to join us for this year's conference.  The event brings together some of the world’s most influential voices dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving lives. Speakers will share practical solutions to agricultural challenges, personal experiences and strategies for impro...

Tropical Agriculture Development: The Basics - January 2018
Mon, 15 January 2018 » Fri, 19 January 2018

ECHO Global Farm, United States of America

Those interested in preparing for short/long-term involvement in agricultural development internationally  are encouraged to participate in this one-week course held two times a year. Course participants will gain an introduction to aspects of poverty and community development and an orientation to ECHO. They will also receive instruction on proven agricultural principles/practices and practical techniques, systems and technologies to meet agricultural and nutritional needs of small-scale, im...

2018 Asia Pacific Sustainable Agriculture & Development Conference
Tue, 6 February 2018 » Fri, 9 February 2018

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS), Philippines

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