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EDN #150 Now Available 2021-01-20

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Perennial Vegetables and Nutrition

Eric Toensmeier


We were pleased to learn that perennial vegetables (PVs) have excellent potential to address nutrient deficiencies. An impressive 154 of the 240 PVs for which we had nutrient data were superabundant (“very high” or “extremely high”) in at least one nutrient, and frequently in more than one. In fact, 23 species (10% of PVs for which we found data) were superabundant in four or more key nutrients needed to address deficiencies! We were especially interested to note that trees with edible leaves were superabundant in more nutrients than any other type of PV.

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Kitchen Gardens

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Healthy Kitchen Gardens

Healthy Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen gardens are principle sources for family nutrition because they have leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and important energy crops.

Stacy Reader has just completed her 14 month Internship at ECHO-Flo...

Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen Gardens

Potential of Conservation Agriculture in Pastoralist Region

Potential of Conservation Agriculture in Pastoralist Region

Session: World Renew supports innovative ways to combat climate change. The presentation will dwell on lessons learnt from Conservation Agriculture promotion in pastoralist areas which will encompass adaptation, scaling up a...

Intercropping maize with pigeon peas - video

AccessAgriculture Training Video

Legumes like pigeon peas take nitrogen from the air and deposit it into the soil.  When pigeon peas are intercropped the root nodules release valuable nitrogen to the other crop.  A...

Making a business from home raised chicks - video

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In this video, we will visit the rooftop brooders of the women in Fayoum – and we will learn from them the key steps for a successful household chick raising business.


Row planting of sesame - video

AccessAgriculture Training Video

Row planting is very advantageous. When you sow sesame seeds in a row, you can thin the plants very well. When you thin the plants, the branches will multiply. You can count up to 2...

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