1. 1995-01-01 This book combines the inherited knowledge of edible mushrooms from Tanzanian villages and the results of modern science, This guide is directed to studeents in vocational schools and colleges of forestry, agriculture and home economics. 92 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. Proceedings of Workshop on Resource-Efficient Farming Methods for Tanzania, May 16-20, 1983, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Science, University of Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tanzania. The technologies discussed at this workshop cenetered on agricultural nutrient conservation,...
  3. This publication reviews the policies and laws including those dealing with overall national development, those specific for the livestock sector, those dealing with access to pastoral resources, those dealing with conservation of wildlife and other natural resources, and those dealing with...
  4. 1994-01-01 This handbook was published with the hope that it will be widely used by extension, education and research institutions in order to foster interest in the growing and management of a wider range of tree and shrub species as part of the development of sustainable land-use systems in Tanzania.
  5. 2010-01-01 This booklet reports on the importance of the planting of soybeans to contribute to ensure food security. 39 pages, tables
  6. This study on the status of soya bean production and utilization in Tanzania was done in order to assist in planning for its development. The study involved stakeholders from research, extension, soya bean and poultry farmers, food and animal feed processors.
  7. 2007-01-01 This paper describes a project was initiated to test new soybeans breeding lines. These lines were evaluated to determine performance, and farmer acceptance. Proceedings of the Second National Soybean Stakeholders Workshop
  8. 2021-09-28
  9. 1991-01-01 This publication reports on a study that collected data from a selection of vegetable growers in four villages in Arumeru District. The research focused on the interactions of land, labor and capital as these enable or inhibit vegetable production in Arumeru District.
  10. This guide is full of practical information about climate, health, hotels and travel. It describes briefly the history, geography and peoples of the area. It describes all the places which the local resident or visitor will want to see, some of which are internationally famous and many others of...