1. 1993-01-01 Collection of articles on lessons learned while farming.
  2. The author presents diffusing practical information concerning palmgrowth and useful products from palms.
  3. Notebook, various paged sections, illustrated
  4. 1979-01-01 210 pages, illustrated
  5. 1978-01-01 432 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 1962-01-01 The Centennial History Of The Department of Agriculture. 688 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 2001-01-01 6 volumes, illustrated
  8. 1979-01-01 142 pages, illustrated, photos
  9. 2006-01-01 "A Hand to the Plough" looks at the influences at work in the twenty-first century through science, economics, politics and religion. These raise challenges for all democrats, and emphasise the need for faith in the individual's ability to make a difference. In the second half Patrick Evans...
  10. 1995-01-01 91 pages, tables