At the beginning of last year, Thailand experienced its most severe drought in twenty years. Only four years ago it also experienced its most severe flooding. Natural disasters are occurring with increasing frequency and severity; it is therefore vital to establish defenses against catastrophes like these. One such defence is redesigning areas based on the “mound, reservoir, and paddy” model of water management, which is one way of implementing a concept promoted by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This model is an efficient method of coping with water disasters, whether flooding or drought.



Translated by Patrick Fitzsimons

去年初泰国经历了它 20 年以来最严重的旱灾。就在 4 年 前,又经历了最严重的洪水。自然灾害的发生越来越平常和 严重;因此建立防御机制是至关重要的,例如基于“土堤、蓄水池和稻田”模式来重 新设计的区域,这也是由泰国国王 Bhumibol Adulyadej 推广的“椰子甜点井”概念的 具体实施的一种方式。不论是对洪水还是旱灾,这是都一种有效地对付水资源灾害的 方法。

土堤、蓄水池和稻田模式 PDF