1. 01-01-1998 Agro 5500: A distance education course, University College University of Minnesota 1 notebook, various sections
  2. 01-02-2006 185 pages, illustrated A 12-lesson curriculum
  3. 01-01-2001 This booklet includes chapters on composting, crop rotation, improved fallow systems, management of animal manure, leaf teas and manure teas, and home-made pesticides. 35 pages, illustrated
  4. 01-01-1988 This is a directory of sustainable agriculture and horticulture organizations, 1987-1988 177 pages, illustrated
  5. 01-01-1992 This booklet contains cost-benfit researchon Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) explaining the concept of organic agriculture systems. 208 pages, photos
  6. 01-03-2005 This bulletin discusses a whole farm ecological approach of management practices in designing an improved system that integrates ecological pest management into other aspects of crop and soil management. Sustainable Agriculture Network 20 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 20-01-2015 This edition includes information on understanding climate risk, climate resilience and managing resources for climate resilience. 28 pages, illustrated
  8. Sustainability of agricultural systems is a major global concern due to population growth and a number of environmental factors. This book addresses the key to the development of sustainable agriculture-management of soil fertility. Combining data from temperate and tropical regions, it presents...
  9. 01-02-2011 Volume 3 takes the subject of better land husbandry further. The book first points out the sort of things which have been, and are being used, but are failing to deliver what is required. It then explains the causes of erosion, the theory and practice of soil and water conservation, and practical...
  10. This book looks at how soil develops, what makes fertile soil, and what spoils soil. Recognizing and treating mineral deficiencies, it presents the ways to improve soil texture and to improve the soil management. 262 pages, pictures, illustrations