1. 01-01-1986 The objective of this publication is to train students to identify and describe the stages of development of the common bean plant. 32 pages, illustrated, photos Series: 04EB-09.03
  2. 01-03-1979 This circular describes a long-lived perennial pasture legume that is officially released by the Universityof Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The release is the culmination of 14 years of research and observations beginning with a few seeds planted in a tropical legume...
  3. No page numbers, tables
  4. A publication on Macuna divided into general info, production, food prep, forage/feed, newsletter, and phytochemistry. 1 notebook 2 copies
  5. 01-01-1956 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 01-01-1966 This publication is 1966 FAO review of scientific and practical knowledge of legumes. 367 pages, illustrations, photos
  7. 01-01-1975 55 pages, illustrated
  8. 01-01-1987 Study Guide: to be used as a supplement to the audiotutorial unit on the same topic. 49 pages, illustrated
  9. 01-01-2001 39 pages, illustrated
  10. 19-01-1986 The papers are intended to be used as guidelines to help people choose technologies that are suitable to their situations. 16 pages, illustrated