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Abstract, Researchgate, 1998

The effect of including a legume in sugarcane forage on milk yield was examined in 12 Holstein * zebu cows. Legumes were distributed in a switch-back design in the following treatments: sugarcane (A), sugarcane + urea (B) and sugarcane + Macroptilium atropurpureum cv. Siratro (C); a stocking rate of 1.94 cows/ha was used. There was no significant difference in daily milk yield (5.81, 6.14 and 6.38 kg/head, respectively) between treatments. However, significant differences in daily sugarcane intake ( P<0.05) were observed between treatments: 15, 14.71 and 17.18 kg/head, respectively. A pre-profitability analysis was conducted and a gain of 23.32 Cuban pesos was observed with diet C compared with diet B. The inclusion of legumes in sugarcane forage allowed a milk yield of >6 litres with a lower cost.