1. Edible Portion: Shoots A large bamboo. It grows 9-18 m high and spreads 6-18 m wide. The culms are 10 cm thick. They are thin walled. Theinternodes are 25-35 cm long. There are 2 or 3 leaves on the last branch. The leaf blades are 9-18 cm long by 1-2 cm wide.
  2. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. The stems can be 21 m tall. They can be 10 cm across. They are green when young and then mature to black. Theleaves are long and hang down. They can be 25 cm long.
  3. Edible Portion: Shoots, Roots A large grass. It grows 3.7-4.5 m tall and 1.2-1.8 m wide. It forms clumps. It has rhizomes. The stems are like bamboo. They can be 6 m tall. The leaves are drooping and grey-green. They are 60 cm long. They have thick joints and slender stems. The flower plumes are...
  4. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It grows 8 m tall. The stems are 305 cm across. The leaf blades are sword shaped and 16-22 cm long by 3-4 cmwide. The base is wedge shaped and there are teeth along the edge. The flowering branches are at the top and are 10-26 cmlong. There are 3-5 spikelets.
  5. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It grows 12 m high. The stems are 6 cm across. The stems are flattened above the branches. There are 4 or 5leaves on the ultimate branches. They are oblong and 11-18 cm long by 2-3 cm wide. They are hairy near the stem.
  6. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It grows 3-10 m high. The culms are 2-8 cm across. The internodes are 30-45 cm long. The cavity has a spongypith. There are 4-7 leaves on the ultimate branches. They are 12-21 cm long by 2-3 cm wide.
  7. Edible Portion: Shoots A bamboo. It grows 2-3 m tall.
  8. Edible Portion: Shoots, Cereal, Seeds A bamboo. The stems are 5-8 m tall and 204 cm wide. They are green and can have yellow stripes. The internodes are 40-70cm long. Young shoots are slender. The leaf blades are 30 cm long by 5 cm wide. They are pale green underneath. The culmsheaths are 60 cm...
  9. Edible Portion: Shoots, Vegetable A densely tufted bamboo. The tip hangs over. The culm or stem is 17 m high. It can be 2.5-10 cm wide. The wall is 2 cm thick.The internodes or distance between joints is 20-45 cm long. Plants flower about every 35-45 years. The young shoot is blackishgreen. It is...
  10. Edible Portion: Shoots A medium sized bamboo. It forms clumps. It grows 5-12 m tall. The stems are 10 cm across. The tips hang down. Theinternodes are 34-41 cm long. They have a white powdery coating when young. There are several branches.