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  1. 20-04-2002 Livestock production Livestock Revolution Livestock strategies in Bolivia Climate-soil-pasture-cattle interactions in Brazil Integrated systems Dry rivers Zero grazing in Kenya Cuban experience in integrated farming Llam production in Bolivia Dutch dairy farmers Predatory ants
  2. 20-04-2020 The source documents (.docx and .pub)of these materials are available in the CFGB database. The source documents are updated periodically so check here for the most current formats. We encourage you to adapt the source for your purposes. Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, participants...
  3. 20-01-2005 The best way to finish off your dream farm or garden is to balance it with a small livestock unit. Animal integration is Fundamental #10. It will create a low cost high quality fertilizer source as well as produce food to eat. Livestock properly managed will bring the tropical farmer higher...
  4. This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 35. One of the best things that you can do to complete your sustainable farm or garden is to balance it with a small livestock unit. Livestock integration is fundamental #10 in my book Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics. If you read ECHO Asia Notes,...

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