1. 13-03-2020 This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 41. With a new decade upon us, the ECHO Asia team is pleased to highlight the next chapter in its engagement with the Asia regional network. Many of you are well aware of the goings on of ECHO Asia, but for some it may come as news that we have launched a new...
  2. 13-03-2020 Featured in this AN A Snapshot of the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank Black Soldier Fly System of the FrangipaniLangkawi Organic Farm
  3. 01-01-2003 No page numbers, illustrated
  4. 40 pages, plus appendices
  5. 01-12-1982 Various page numbered section,
  6. 01-11-1982 396 pages, illustrated
  7. 01-01-1985 171 pages A World Bank and UNDP Symposium
  8. 01-09-1993 89 pages, illustrated
  9. 01-06-1974 7 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. 01-01-2017 This book (a) investigates the experiences and issues involved with rebuilding extension systems (including public sector, private sector, and non-governmental organization extension) in post-conflict settings, (b) evaluates the impact of different extension policy approaches and practice in such...