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  1. 1989-03-19 Religious ceremonies have practical value in Sri Lanka Brazilian farmers - composting helps to prevent pests Schoolboys assist farmers as IPM scouts in the Philippines Integrated pest management Ancient methods Natural crop protection Rice cultivation Herbal preparations Understanding plant...
  2. 1995-03-19 Learning how to do experimental trials Intensive small-scale farming Understanding plant diseases Fertilizer bean-Honduras Rats, mice and other vermin Rural journalism Information sharing - Germany Flexible experiments Learning with urban farmers - Bolivia Less fertilzer Hybrid layers -...
  3. 1995-01-01 This text provides color photographs for the identification of Florida citrus insects, mites, diseases, physiological disorders, horticultural problems and nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.
  4. 2004-01-01 This Agrodok series #28 concerns identification of crop damage caused by diseases, pests or mineral deficiencies. 77 pages, illustrations
  5. 1994-01-04 This book reflects the most comprehenisve compilation of plant diseases and disorders affecting the wide range of flora in Florida. 1114 pages
  6. 1963-01-01 This is a study based on field survey data an on pertinent records, material and reports about diseases and pests of economic plants of Vietnam, Loas, and Cambodia.
  7. Learning the Principles of Plant Pathology is intended for students eager to learn the basic priciples of phytopathology. The text is divided into 16 units. Each unit is complete in itself but is closely related to adjacent units so that a unit may blend with the one before it and with the...
  8. This scheme allows pest control workers to classify organisms, whether natural enemies or pests, according to the level of community knowledge, and to anticipate the unique opportunities and challenges that each kind of folk knowledge offers.
  9. Book 3 explains deficiency symptoms of the following nutrients: Boron and Molybdeunum plus salinity, two or more deficiency symptoms, grow-box gardening, and Index.