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  1. 2001-01-01 Agroforestry combines or integrates trees and/or shrubs with other crops and/or animals in a farming system. The trees or shrubs may be grown either at the same time as the crops or in rotation with the crops. This book includes examples of both methods.
  2. The purpose of this book is to provide a ready reference of practical information on disease conditions of chickens and turkeys and to help poultry operations produce quality meat and eggs efficiently.
  3. This manual is a compilation of papers which have grown out of the author's experiences with Coturnix quails.
  4. The purpose of this manual is to help the trainer achieve self-confidence in conducting a rabbit training course and to help develop a viable rabbit program. This field manual for trainers contains basic information on sustainable rabbit farming. The role of the rabbit as a food source, as well...
  5. 1971-10-01 Agriculture Handbook no. 309 69 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 1977-01-01 17 pages, illustrated
  7. This publication covers best practices when raising sunflowers. Colored pictures of the stages of development, insect pest identification, and disease photos are included.
  8. 2006-01-01 With its combination of traditional knowledge and insights gained from research, the aim of this revised text is to foster your interest in, and understanding of, fruit growing. Although it does not highlight specific fruit crops, the text contains a wealth of information for home gardeners,...
  9. This Agrodok is intended as a practical handbook for people who grow fruit or wish to grow fruit in tropical conditions. The information is aimed at small scale production for dometic consumption or the local market. One of the aims of the compilation of this book is to make information as...