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  1. 1977-01-01 This manual presents an overview of the entire process of raising rabbits--from selecting healthy animals to preparing proper foods to treating disease. A separate section of the manual includes step-by-step procedures for the construction of a hutch unit to house two does and one buck.
  2. Agricultural Videos in Kreyol by Wayne Niles Publisher [United States]: ECHO Media: DVD Summary: Discussesraising rabbits, raising chickens, tire stove, goats, moringa, PVC pump, SALT, using oxen. Description: 1 disc30min
  3. This publication is designed to help ranchers recognize the more common rabbit diseases and to know when professional advice is needed.
  4. 1977-01-01 Nutrient requirements and signs of deficiency and toxicty, where known, are presented and discussed. Requirements for growth, maintenance, gestation, and lactation are presented in tabular form.
  5. This video overviews 5 tropical forages that are suitable to feed to rabbits: Mulberry -Morusspp. Tick Trefoil -Desmodium rensonii Napier/Elephant/Uganda grass -Pennisetum purpureum Red Mombin -Spondias purpurea Mexican Sunflower -Tithonia diversifolia
  6. The purpose of this manual is to help the trainer achieve self-confidence in conducting a rabbit training course and to help develop a viable rabbit program. This field manual for trainers contains basic information on sustainable rabbit farming. The role of the rabbit as a food source, as well...
  7. 1971-10-01 Agriculture Handbook no. 309 69 pages, illustrated, photos
  8. 1977-01-01 17 pages, illustrated
  9. Key Resource 1991-05-04 Rabbits covers in detail the characteristics and requirements of this livestock group, and how to raise and produce rabbits in a variety of tropical zones and farming systems. Breeds, breeding, health, housing, slaughtering and processing of meat and skins are all included in this comprehensive...