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  1. Access Agriculture Training Video Rabbits are easy to keep and require little space. However, as rabbits reproduce quickly, farmers may find it hard to sell the rabbits or meat. In this video, we will learn how to make sausages from rabbit meat. Available languages Arabic English French
  2. This booklet is a guide for those starting in rabbit raising with information that the National 4-H Center in Belmopan, Belize collected.
  3. Key Resource
    2009-03-01 Rabbits are animals for folks that like to eat meat and want to raise it quickly. Rabbits reproduce quickly; up to eight bunnies every three months. A young rabbit can weigh four pounds in three months -- bigger than a broiler chicken. Rabbits are easy to raise, both in urban and rural areas....
  4. 15 pages, illustrated
  5. 1953-01-01 66 pages, illustrated, photos Manual 9
  6. 1994-01-01 109 pages, illustrated
  7. 2010-01-01 Notebook, various paged sections, tables
  8. 1981-01-01 The purpose of this Oregon State publication is to provide information on commercial rabbit production. 119 pages, graphs, photos
  9. A step by step detailed and comprehensive guide for rearing rabbits on a family scale with special reference to Third World countries with tropical climate, vegetation and ecology, entirely based on Appropriate Technology.