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  1. 1990-01-01 L'élevage du lapin présente de nombreux avantages. Le but de cet Agrodok est d'en présenter quelques-uns aux petits paysans, aux familles à revenus modestes et aux enfants et de fournir des informations sur la reproduction, l'alimentation, l'hygiène, la gestion et autres problèmes que pose cette...
  2. 1983-01-01 While living in Indonesia many years ago, my wife and I wanted to become involved in some kind of animal husbandry, but our back-yard was too small to house large animals like goats or sheep, let alone cows. For this reason, we chose to raise rabbits. One of the results of that choice was the...
  3. 1977-01-01 This manual presents an overview of the entire process of raising rabbits--from selecting healthy animals to preparing proper foods to treating disease. A separate section of the manual includes step-by-step procedures for the construction of a hutch unit to house two does and one buck.
  4. Agricultural Videos in Kreyol by Wayne Niles Publisher [United States]: ECHO Media: DVD Summary: Discussesraising rabbits, raising chickens, tire stove, goats, moringa, PVC pump, SALT, using oxen. Description: 1 disc30min
  5. This publication is designed to help ranchers recognize the more common rabbit diseases and to know when professional advice is needed.
  6. 1977-01-01 Nutrient requirements and signs of deficiency and toxicty, where known, are presented and discussed. Requirements for growth, maintenance, gestation, and lactation are presented in tabular form.
  7. This video overviews 5 tropical forages that are suitable to feed to rabbits: Mulberry -Morusspp. Tick Trefoil -Desmodium rensonii Napier/Elephant/Uganda grass -Pennisetum purpureum Red Mombin -Spondias purpurea Mexican Sunflower -Tithonia diversifolia
  8. The purpose of this manual is to help the trainer achieve self-confidence in conducting a rabbit training course and to help develop a viable rabbit program. This field manual for trainers contains basic information on sustainable rabbit farming. The role of the rabbit as a food source, as well...
  9. 1971-10-01 Agriculture Handbook no. 309 69 pages, illustrated, photos