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  1. 1971-10-01 Agriculture Handbook no. 309 69 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. This handbook on rabbit raising tries to adopt stateside information to local situations and attempts to share the many experiences and knowledge gained by rabbit raisers in the Philippines.
  3. This book was written to aid the Tunisian rabbit raiser, or others in the same climatic conditions.
  4. This new, revised edition includes information for trainers conducting rabbit courses, with the aim of developing sustainable meat projects to help families improve nutrition and income. Ten modules cover the following topics: Production Systems and Economics, Genetics and Selection, Housing and...
  5. This publication contains the history of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and instruction on the care and raising of rabbits.
  6. Access Agriculture Training Video In this video, we will learn how to monitor the performance of a rabbit farm. By filling out monitoring sheets with accurate information and by keeping a notebook to systematically record all expenditures. Thiswill enable better management of the farm and...