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  1. 1999-10-19 Stefan Cherry shares insights from a community in Cameroon where Tephrosia vogelii is an integral part of the farming system.
  2. 2005-10-01 One of the most important things a farmer can do for his farm is to prevent soil erosion. One way to do so is by keeping soil covered, especially during the rainy season. Vegetative cover and high levels of soil organic matter are key. Below is a brief description of several vegetative or...
  3. 2001-10-20 Scaling up social development Scaling up natural resources management From zero tillage to conservation agriculture Scaling up sustainable Scaling up landcarein Philippines Scaling up fallow management innovations Scaling up development in agricultural settlements Pond farming Wadi model
  4. 1987-05-19 Integrated nutrient supply Improved fallow Nitrogen transfer from legumes Cover crops on acid soils Sunnhemp Rock phosphate Micro-nutrient drain Soil conservation and shifting cultivators Cycles of poverty