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  1. 2017-02-09 Donkey welfare in Tanzania is not given much consideration given all that animals offer to the economy of its people. Currently a more supportive environment for the promotion of animal welfare and rights has been established legislation, especially the Animal Welfare Act (2008). However,...
  2. 2014-03-20
  3. Normal Temperature, Respiration, Heart Rate and Weights for Goats, Cattle, Pigs, Horses in Haiti Temperati, Respirasyon, Batman Kè epi Pwa Nòmal pou Kabrit, Bèf, Kochon, Cheval an Ayiti
  4. 2000-01-20 This book has the same information as the first edition, but with some of the language simplified for those who are reading English as a second language. It includes a glossary of terms. It covers all aspects of horse care from selection of healthy equines, to equine first aid and dental care.
  5. Access Agriculture Training Video Donkeys, mules and horses are important working animals, many diseases are transmitted by insects such as flies. Flies can transmit a parasitic worm called Habronema that causes several problems in horses and donkeys. There are many precautions which you can take...

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