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  1. Essential oils and their compounds are getting increasing interest due to their multipurpose functionals as alternatives to the artificial preservatives. The aim of this study was to extract and identify the volatile constituents of essential oil of Citrus lemon leaf and to evaluate its...
  2. Edible Portion:Fruit, Herb, Spice, Flowers A small evergreen tree with short spines. It grows to 7 m high and spreads to 3 m across. It branches freely. Young branchesare often reddish. Leaves are about 5-12 cm long. They are green and drawn out to a point, with notched edges. The leaf stalkis...
  3. Uploaded on Sep 15, 2010 Katie From DaleysFruit.com.au demonstrates grafting citrus and discusses some of the benefits of buying a Grafted Fruit Tree
  4. Lemon,Citrus limon, is a small evergreen tree in the family Rutaceae grown for its edible fruit which, among other things, are used in a variety of foods and drinks. The tree has a spreading, upright growth habit, few large branches and stiff thorns. The tree possesses large, oblong or oval,...

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