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Edible Portion: Flowers, Leaves, Young pods, Bark, Vegetable

A shrub or small tree up to 5-10 m tall. The trunk has rough bark and the branches often droop. The trunk is thick. The branches are hairy when young. The leaves are made up of 41 to 61 leaflets. These are narrow and oblong. They are 2.5-4 cm long by 0.5-1.4 cm wide. They have a sharp point at the tip. The flowers are large and white to red. The flower petals can be 5-10 cm long. They are produced as 2-4 flowers on flowering branches 2-5 cm long. It has long narrow pods with up to 30-50 small brownish seeds. The seeds with their stalk can be 2.5-4.5 cm long in pods 20-25 cm long by 7-9 mm wide.