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More than 45 authors present current information on how to identify and control diseases of bananna, coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya, and avocado.

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Introduction; Part 1: Banana; Taxonomy; Origins and Importance; Anatomy; Horticulture; Banana Diseases Caused by Fungi; Anthracnose and Fungal Scald, Botryodiplodia Finger Rot, Brown Spot and Diamond Spot, Cigar-End Rot, Cladosporium Speckle, Cordana Leaf Spot (Leaf Blotch), Crown Mold, Crown Rot, Pedicel Rot, Freckle, Fusarium Wilt (Panama Disease), Pitting Disease (Johnston Spot), Sigatoka Leaf Diseases, Sooty Mold, Speckle (Swamp Spot) and Black Tip, Squirter Disease; Banana Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Moko Disease, Bacterial Soft Rot. Banana Diseases Caused by Viruses; Banana Bunchy Top, Infectious Chlorosis, Mosaic, Heart Rot, Banana Streak, Bract Mosaic; Banana Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Burrowing Nematode Root Rot (Blackhead Toppling Disease); Lesion Nematode Damage, Spiral Nematode;

Part 2: Coconut; Taxonomy, Origin and Distribution; Importance; Anatomy; Coconut Diseases Caused by Fungi; Bud Rot and Nut Fall, Ganoderma Butt Rot (Basal Stem Rot), Gray Leaf Blight, Stem Bleeding Disease; Coconut Diseases Caused by Nonfungal Agents; Cadang-Cadang and Tinangaja, Lethal Yellowing, Red Ring Disease;

Part 3: Mango; Importance; Taxonomy; Description; Genetics and Breeding; Propagation of Cultivars; Mango Diseases Caused by Fungi; Alternaria Rot (Black Spot), Anthracnose, Gray Leaf Spot, Malformation, Pink Disease, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Stem-End Rot; Mango Diseases Caused by Nonfungal Agents; Algal Leaf Spot, Bacterial Black Spot, Nematodes; Mango Disorders Caused by Abiotic Factors; Decline, Internal Breakdown of Fruit;

Part 4: Pineapple; World Production; The Pineapple Plant; Pineapple Diseases; Pineapple Diseases Caused by Fungi; Butt Rot, Black Rot, White Leaf Spot, Fruitlet Core Rot, Leathery Pocket, Interfruitlet Corking, Fusariosis, Phytophthora, Heart Rot, Root Rot; Pineapple Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Bacterial Heart Rot, Fruit Collapse, Marbling Disease, Pink Disease; Pineapple Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Lesion Nematode, Reniform Nematode, Root-Knot Nematodes; Pineapple Disease Caused by a Virus; Mealybug Wilt; Pineapple Disease with a Noninfectious Etiology; Internal Browning;

Part 5: Papaya; Botany; General Description; Flower and Tree Type; Ecological Requirements; Cultivars and Breeding; Production; Papaya Diseases Caused by Fungi; Alternaria Fruit Spot, Anthracnose, Cercospora Black Spot, Dry Rot, Fusarium Fruit Rot, Guignardia Spot, Internal Blight, Lasiodiplodia Fruit and Stem-End Rot, Phytophthora Fruit Rot and Root Rot, Powdery Mildew, Rhizopus Soft Rot, Stemphylium Fruit Spot, Wet Fruit Rot; Papaya Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Internal Yellowing, Purple Stain Fruit Rot; Papaya Diseases Caused by Viruses; Papaya Droopy Necrosis and Papaya Apical Necrosis, Papaya Ringspot; Papaya Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Reniform Nematodes, Root-Knot Nematodes; Miscellaneous Papaya Diseases; Bunchy Top, Bumpy Fruit; Carpellody (Cat-Face); Freckles;

Part 6: Avacado; Anthracnose; Armillaria Root Rot; Avocado Black Streak; Bacterial Canker; Dothiorella Stem Canker and Fruit Rot; Phytophthora Cankers; Phytophthora Root Rot; Pseudocercospora Spot (Blotch); Rosellinia (Dematophora) Root Rot; Scab; Stem-End Rot; Sunblotch; Verticillium Wilt;Index; Color Plates

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