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Edible portion: Leaves, Pods, Vegetable, Seeds - flavouring

A small shrub or climber. It grows 1.2-3.5 m high. The stems have ridges and are softly hairy. The leaves have 3 leaflets. These are oval or sword shaped and 3-15 cm long by 1.3-8 cm wide. They taper towards the tip and are rounded at the base. There are hairs mainly along the veins. The leaf stalk can be 2-10 cm long. The flowers are about 1 cm long and in dense clusters which are 2.5-7 cm long. The fruit are oblong pods 1.2-1.5 cm long by 7 mm wide. They are softly hairy. They are dotted with glands. The seeds are black and 3 mm wide.

A tropical plant. In Papua New Guinea it is introduced and used as a shelter belt in tea. It grows from 60 m to 1,650 m altitude. In southern China it grows between 200-1,800 m above sea level. In Yunnan.