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Edible Portion: Fruit, Flowers, Vegetable

A small spreading tree. It can grow to 3-5 m tall and spread to 5 m wide. The bark is pale grey. The branches are swollen at the nodes. The stems are thin, flexible and with white felted shoots. The leaves are 5-8 cm long with shiny bluish green on the upper surface and silver grey underneath. They are thick and leathery. The flowers are 2-3 cm across and purple and white. They are borne in one or two pairs at the base of the current years growth. The fruit is oblong and dull green with several small seeds inside. Fruit are 2-9 cm long. They can be round or pear shaped. The flesh is creamy white. The petals of the flowers are edible. The fruit is edible. There are usually 20-40 small seeds inside the fruit.