1. Presenting an up-to-date introduction to this complex group of plants,Palms Throughout the Worlddescribes 800 species in 123 genera and discusses the distribution, biology, propagation, cultivation, and economic importance of palms. The individual species descriptions are arranged in alphabetical...
  2. This is a concise guide to the most common palms utilized in subtropical and tropical landscapes. It provides cultural information and significant identifying characteristics in an easy to use format.
  3. 01 មករា 1991 This booklet contains information about Florida trees and palms. It is a guide to how to choose and grow them. 2 Copies 118 pages, pictures
  4. This book includes pictures and descriptions of Florida's flowering trees and palms. 2 Copies
  5. 19 មករា 1993 Containing more than 120 commonly found species, each entry in this informative full-color guide lists guides to identification, trunk characteristics, origin, height, fruit description, seed description, cultivation details, and more. 80 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 01 មករា 2011 Originally published in 1998, this was updated in 2011 based on th most recent information regarding the conservation status and use of various tropical palm species. 240 pages, charts, photos Non-wood Forest Products, 10/Rev. 1