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  1. Abstract, Parkinsons Disease, 2019 This review contains a critical appraisal of current knowledge about the use of beans in both animal models and patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). The potential beneficial effects of beans in PD are increasingly being touted, not only in scientific journals...
  2. This manual discusses in detail the state of art and technology of processing soybean into various edible forms and also indicates the prospects for soybean foods for human consumption.
  3. 20 Juli 2006 Several technical considerations must be taken into account when attempting to help economically disenfranchised families and communities initiate and sustain production of soybeans or any new crop. Technical assistance cannot be done in isolation; one must provide more than just information...
  4. 20 Juli 2006 In EDN Issue 80 (July 2003), we asked for feedback from our network about raising soybeans in the tropics. We heard back from several people and would like to share their responses.
  5. 01 Oktober 2012 Demystifying Soybean Production and Marketing: Our Experience in Laos Soil Quality Assessment: Why and How
  6. 01 Januari 2007 This paper describes a project was initiated to test new soybeans breeding lines. These lines were evaluated to determine performance, and farmer acceptance. Proceedings of the Second National Soybean Stakeholders Workshop
  7. Soya is a legume with many good qualities, and it can be used to improve farming systems. It can also be processed into products that contriubte to the daily diet and to family income. This Agrodok is intended to help farmers and extension workers to make choices that will work well under local...
  8. The reports presented in this publication review the progress of soybean research in seven Asian countries and four International Agricultural Research Centers. The major problem areas and difficultires involved in solving them are also presented by the authors.
  9. 01 Januari 1984 This volume consists of full length manuscripts of 159 of the 165 invited papers presented at World Soybean Research Conference III that was held in the Scheman Continuing Education Building at Iowa State University.