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  1. 01 Januari 1981 This book is designed for all of those who want to know how to keep plants, grounds, and plantings free of diseases and pests.
  2. 01 Januari 1993 Experienced masters give their tips and techniques on garden basics, flowers and vegetables, pest and disease control, attracting birds and butterflies, and equipment.
  3. This manual is designed to help agricultural field workers identify the most common problems of rice in the tropics. The text is non-technical: common names have been used exclusively (scientific names of insets may be found on p. 48, 49).
  4. This pamphlet contains some general information on the important diseases of rice in the tropics. It is intended primarily for use by trainees at the International Rice Research Institute.
  5. 01 Januari 1993 56 page pamphlet with tips on how to grow and use tomatoes.300 Super Tomato Tipsincludes information caring for your young tomatoes, harvest ripe tomatoes six weeks earlier, staking your tomatoes, harvest and postharvest of tomatoes.
  6. 01 Januari 1975 A complete book on tomatoes for the new gardener and a valuable reference tool for the experienced home vegetable grower. Here is all you need to know about: The right soil for tomatoes Starting seedlings Planting facts and garden care Protecting plants in early spring and late fall Staking and...
  7. 05 Januari 1982 The Storage and Handling of Onions provides information on harvesting, field handling, drying, storage, cultivars, sprout suppression, packing and diseases of onions. Produced by the Tropical Products Institute, a British Government organisation.
  8. Access Agriculture Training Video Crop rotation, and the use of gypsum, herbal mixtures or beneficial fungi like Trichoderma can control root and stem rot diseases. Available languages Arabic Bambara Bangla Burmese English Ewe French Kabyé Kiswahili Moba Mooré Spanish Tamil Telugu
  9. Access Agriculture Training Video Ticks are small creatures like insects that attach to the body of animals to suck their blood. Ticks cause diseases like skin lesions. The animals will become skinny and no longer produce milk. Available languages Arabic Ateso Bangla Chitonga / Tonga English...
  10. 02 Februari 2010 Featuring the most up-to-date science-based recommendations for keeping plants healthy and productive,The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Controlincludes hundreds of organic techniques and products for dealing with garden problems. You'll learn how to decide whether you...