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  1. This resource cover onion diseases such as: Damping-off purple Blotch Stemphylium Blight Basal Rot Downy Mildew OnionSmut Onion Smudge Black Mould Bacterial Brown Rot Onion Yellow Dwarf Anthracnose White rot Neck rot
  2. Objectives: Understanding the diseases and pests that affect onion farming and their management and prevention.
  3. Topics covered in this resource include: Soils and climate Varietal choice Planing and crop establishment Fertilisation Plant spacing for beans sown on 45cm rows Plant spacing for beans sown on 50cm rows Diseases Pests Harvesting
  4. 01 Januari 2000 This publication has been prepared to assist beekeepers in preventing serious disease and pest-related damage to their beekeeping business. 26 pages, photos
  5. This publication discusses honeybee health, colony collapse and mitigative and preventive measures. It includes data collection and research to identify factors affecting honeybee health.
  6. 05 Januari 1983 Prepared by the Cooperative Extension Service of Kansas State University, this bulletin decribes through words and pictures various diseases that attack Kansas wheat crops.
  7. 01 Januari 1985 This manual discusses the biology, economic status, and management of insects, diseases, nematodes, weeds, and vertebrates important to crop production in California. Photographs and other illustrations are intended to help the reader identify important pests and their damage, an essential first...
  8. 01 Januari 1989 This book familiarizes you with a llama's nutrition, clinical pathology, reproduction,and diseases.
  9. 01 Januari 1993 Ce guide contient des illustrations et des descriptions de nombreux symptômes de maladies ou attibués à des maladies qui affectent la culture du poivron dans le monde. Ce guide n'a pas la prétention de couvrir toutes les maladies du poivron, mail un effort a été fait pour couvrir au mieux les...
  10. 19 Mei 2022 A quick overview of the different categories of common crop pests and diseases, and tools for identifying them.