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  1. 01 Januari 2015 Especially in Stall-Feeding The idea for this booklet on straw feeding emerged some years ago during a meeting, while discussing an Agrodok on dairy cattle husbandry. That Agrodok was to have a chapter on animal feed, especially fodders such as grasses and crop residues. However, this would have...
  2. 19 Oktober 1993 Fermented foods Crop residues: mulch or feed? Improved grainaries Indigenous food preservation Enset A long tradition of long storage Fusing tradition and science to design a better granary The many uses of millet residues Pastoral women harvest hay for calves Sweet potatoes Andean noodles
  3. 01 Januari 1990 This report presents the information given at the CTA Seminar on Livestock feeding systems in the Caribbean and their use of non-conventional feed sources. 14-16 November 1990, St. John, Antigua