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Curtis Burnett

Training Trainers

  1. Farming with raised planting beds is a great way to keep your crop safe and increase your yields. This agricultural technique reduces soil compaction and improves the quality of the soil. It protects your plants during times of excess rainfall. This animation describes how to implement this...
  2. Drip Irrigation is a technique that allows you to consistently water your entire crop. This technique is especially helpful during a drought or dry season. This technique must be combined with Raised Planting Beds. Please watch our animation on Raised Planting Beds before attempting Drip...
  3. Compost can be used to improve the quality of your soil. You can use plant materials, animal manure and kitchen scraps to create compost. Compost will add nutrients and organic matter to your soil. This animation explains the process of creating and storing compost. Scientific Animations Without...
  4. Growing maize is hard work and pests make it even harder. Insect pests can attack your maize crop and destroy it, affecting your family's nutrition, or costing you money. This animation will take you through the steps of protecting your field from pests like the stem borers by using a push-pull...

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