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  1. 1993-12-19 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.
  2. 2004-10-20 Results of a taste test of PKM-1 in comparison with the local variety. It was decided to also include leaves of the species M. stenopetala in this test.
  3. 1992-04-01 Comments concerning seed set in Moringa stenopetala.
  4. 1992-06-19 Information about making a skin ointment from Moringa oleifera. Herbal applications are commonly used to treat skin infections in developing countries, although few investigations are conducted to validate scientifically their popular use. A previous study had showed that Moringa oleifera...
  5. 1993-10-19 Moringa leaves may help prevent damping off.
  6. 1994-07-19 Dried Moringa leaves have significant amounts of beta carotene.
  7. 1996-01-19 Raising pigs on moringa leaves is a system developed by missionary Paul Ronk in Jeremie, Haiti.
  8. 2014-01-01 if you are working in a community when disaster strikes it? What steps toward recovery can you take in such a situation? And what actions can be taken beforehand to minimize the damage from a large-scale,...
  9. 1999-07-19 ECHO and others have published articles about the many uses, nutritional content and hardiness of this drought-resistant "vegetable tree." This report contains valuable technical information and adds an important human face by reporting results of an evaluation of the project and interviews with...
  10. 2011-07-20 An interesting feature about the mature [moringa] seeds is that if you eat them, they act much like the miracle fruit on your ECHO farm.