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  1. 2020-06-22 This booklet shows you how to make doughnuts with cassava flour. They are like cakes and are good for snacks or to put in your lunchbox. This uses material from "Practical Action", used with kind permission. This edition published in the United Kingdom in 2020 by MissionAssist.
  2. Recipes Covered in this Cookbook include: Appetizers Beverages Soups Salads Breads Breakfasts Main Dishes Desserts Friendship Recipes Around the World
  3. 2013-01-20 Chef Day Dalonga and Chef Mon Urbano have a food consultancy partnership knows as the MonDay Chefs. Professional chefs both, they are respected in the food and beverage field, with a solid track record of successful business operations of restaurants and food ventures under their consultancy....
  4. 1991-01-01 This profile describes a small bakery operating with a single shift and producing 100 tons of baked products a year. It also describes a medium-sized plant operating on the same basis but producing 250 tons of baked goods a year. Dry materials are received and water added to make dough, which is...
  5. Moringa: Pour Une Sante Meilleureprovides information about the Moringa tree, and it many uses, in addition to its high nutritional context. This book also illistrates the process of harvest Moringa leaf powder. Programme National of Agriculture 14 pages, illustrated 3 copies
  6. 1978-01-01 This contains recipes for utilizing malunggay (moringa) in cooking. 8 pages
  7. Stevia Sweet Recipesoffers health-conscious readers over 165 kitchen-tested recipes that use Stevia―a calorie-free, nonglycemic herbal sweetener―in place of refined sugaror artificial sweeteners. Enjoy the author’s many creative dishes, from healthy breakfast shakes to sensational salads to...
  8. 1977-01-01 This publication discusses how to grown sweet and irish potatoes.
  9. 1989-01-01 This book contains many recipes from many countries on how to use sweet potatoes.