1. 19/10/1996 In the eighties the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia introduced barn owls into an integrated pest management program.
  2. 20/10/2006 A publication from ACIAR described a method of controlling rodents in lowland irrigated rice crops without the use of chemicals. The publication is a Research Note describing Community Trap Barrier Systems (CTBS).
  3. 19/01/1995 Alfredo Petrov, Cochabamba, Boliviashares his experience in controlling leafcutterants. James Gordley, Panama.“I am having great results with New Zealand spinach, Tetragonia tetragonioides. Fr. Gerold Rupper, Tanzania.Concerning mothers with insufficient milk for nursing, “This was the problem...
  4. 19/07/1994 Go Easy With Fertilizer After Transplanting Trees and Shrubs. Removing Salts From Container Grown Plants Moringa and Carotene What About Rhizobia Inoculants? Tomatoes Resist Flooding if Grafted To Eggplant. A Method For Keeping Rats Away From Oil Palms