1. 28/09/2021
  2. This publication presents technical "how to" information based on Peace Corps experience in development work in a format and language appropriate to field workers without previous specialized training.
  3. This folder contains useful information on being self-sufficient with such topics as making a garden, growing trees, food processing, simple stove, animal care,sanitation and providing clean water. page numbers for each section, illustrations
  4. This publication tells how to build a solar dryer and how to use it.
  5. 01/01/1993 This source book by definition is of a somewhat general nature dealing with a preservation technology rather than particular products. It aims to offer advice on the appropriate use of the sun's energy, biomass, and fossil fuels for crop and food drying.
  6. This is an excellent all-purpose guide to home canning & preserving.
  7. The most comprehensive book on food drying available. Includes basic instructions, recipes, and plans for building your own dehydrator.
  8. This publication covers the four topics most important in the design and operation of a drying system, namely: drying requirements, consumer acceptance, heat and mass transfer, and heat sources. The majority of the papers deal with the scientist'ls particular research and, therefore, do not...
  9. This publication presents an introduction to the basic theories of solar drying and outlines the principal operating features of the main solar dryer designs, including a detailed description of the construction and operation of the three most common dryer types. It provides guidelines on...