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Knowing a subject is not enough to train on it, training adults requires specific competencies. This week in Burkina Faso, key trainers from across West Africa are meeting to improve their knowledge about the Foundations for Farming (FFF) method, and to improve their skills in sharing knowledge with others.

Trainers at the event represent the countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal. Representing NGOs, Churches, bi-vocational training centers, and independent farms, these participants have taken up the challenge of training at least 30 others per year for the next five years. In order to participate they have agreed to provide a quarterly report on their activities, and follow up with the people that they have trained.

Skilled trainers from The Beer-Sheba Project in Senegal are sharing their experience with FFF, and expertise in the training of trainers. The Beer-Sheba Project combines a sustainable agro-forestry program together with holistic training and an agricultural resource center for young Senegalese farmers. Over the past 14 years the project has trained 97 interns and restored over 100 hectares of farm land through natural regeneration.

Foundations for Farming is a very simple conservation farming method with an implementation management teaching.  This method is based on four key principles:

  1. On Time - Effective farming requires tasks (such as planting and weeding) to be done promptly at the right time
  2. At Standard - Effective farming requires tasks to be done to a standard of excellence with exact measurements
  3. No Waste - Effective farming requires avoiding wasting resources, energy and opportunities
  4. With Joy - Effective farming requires a good attitude and a joyful heart

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