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Présenté par: Iluebbey, P. O.; Parkes, E.Y.; Aina O.O. and Kulakow P.A.

Événement: 2016 ECHO West Africa Forum: Ibadan, Nigeria (12/04/2016)

Understanding The Cassava Crop

  • Cassava is a perennial shrub
  • It grows to heights of between 1.5-2m (though some may grow to 4m)
  • It is propagated vegetatively by stem cuttings
  • In plant breeding, propagation is by botanical seeds
  • Grown mainly for its starchy and tuberous roots
  • Performs best on a well drained sandy-loam soils
  • Dry matter and pro-vitamin A content is the main reason for varietal choice outside pests, diseases and yield.
  • Harvesting in research stations is mainly at 12MAP
  • World highest producer is Nigeria—About 55mt/year