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Présenté par: Arun Jani

Événement: West Africa Anglophone Forum 2015 (26/03/2015)

Through research in South Africa, ECHO has been developing best-practices for growing Moringa and other crops. This reasearch, through the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, demonstrates growing Moringa on a large scale for powder production including soil fertility management and pruning. This presentation also demonstrates the integration of other crops into the Moringa system to increase overall profitability and productivity, as well as how to integrate legumes into maize production systems through intercropping. 

Arun Jani has a BS in Tropical Agriculture from the University of Hawaii and an MS in Soil Science from North Carolina State University. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal for three years where he focused on agroforestry methods in the Sahel region. He also has experience working on soil fertility management projects in South Asia and is passionate about conflict resolution and cultural understanding.