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  1. 01/01/2022 This book is designed as a simple introduction to the more common food plants for healthy diets in Togo. It is hoped people will take greater pride and interest in these plants and become confident and informed about how to grow and use them. Many of the local food plants that occur in every...
  2. Ressource principale 01/01/2001 Food security in West Africa is challenged by complex issues, including rapid population growth, exploitation of nonrenewable resources, and chronic low soil fertility, but in this text experts from world agricultural institutions share their work to provide solutions. Topics covered include soil...
  3. ECHO WestAfrica Notesis a technical e-bulletin containing articles of interest to agriculture and community development workers in WestAfrica.
  4. 01/01/2022 Ce livre est conçu comme une simple introduction aux plantes alimentaires les plus courantes pour une alimentation saine au Togo. On espère que les gens seront plus fiers et intéressés par ces plantes et deviendront confiants et informés sur la façon de les cultiver et de les utiliser. De...

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